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Private capital makes up the single largest component of global wealth, accounting for 56% of the world’s capital. Private equity firms now manage nearly US$4.3t in assets (H1 2021), up from just US$500b in 2000. This is anticipated to exceed US$9t by 2025, a 15.6% CAGR from 2020 to 2025.

As such, portfolio value creation has never been more vital for the success of private equity players. A lack of reliable information, has led to increased demand for predictive analytics and insights to identify value creation levers.

We partner with our customers on their value creation agenda spanning the financial, operational and digital spectrum. Our proprietary actionable insights and data support the entire value creation continuum from preservation to creation and even recovery.

Actum Group empowers private equity practitioners, advisors and the broader investment community to identify, strategise and execute on opportunities and risks through our insights. We are committed to delivering this in a timely, intuitive and innovative manner.

Our Network

Primary Insights
Financial Advisors

Engage with private equity firms
to source, strategise and execute
portfolio value creation


Help private equity firms
drive operational excellence,
top line growth, strategy and
exit planning

Law Firms

Build relationships with
private equity firms and
advise portfolio companies
in need of legal counsel

Daily Updates
Private Equity

Gain in-depth analysis and
proprietary insights on the
private equity value creation
journey, from acquisition to

Our credible industry sources power your competitive edge
Primary Insights
Institutional Investors

Identify opportunities and
analyse the private equity
value creation landscape
to empower investment

Public Relations

Identify strategic communication
opportunities across a range of
value creation projects

Executive Search

Source executive talent and
identify mandate opportunities
across the private equity

Daily Updates

Monitor past and present
value creation strategies
across all sectors

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